Kathie Robinson

Kaia Girl: 4 years
Kaia Coach: 2+ years

Why Kaia? Kaia had just what I needed when I was mentally and physically spent. The classes were motivating, provided a balance in my life that I was craving. The Kaia program was ever changing, and no class was the same. I began to become stronger, have more energy to keep up with my toddlers and felt healthier. At 43, I saw results I had not seen since I was in my 20’s! The camaraderie of the ladies and friendships that I made encouraged me to focus more on me so I could be a better wife, mom and friend to the ones that mattered most in my life.

Our family moved to Texas in 2013 and I could not leave Kaia behind, so I decided to start one out here! Now Katy is the only city in Texas that has this amazing program for women, to help them become healthy, strong and happy; to become Kaia Strong!
Favorite Experience as a Coach – I love to see women become reconnected with themselves. Women tend to take care of everyone except themselves, and to see their faces shine and energy come alive makes me incredibly fulfilled as a coach and a person!

In the rare moments not spent developing with Kaia – I love spending time with my husband and boy/girl twins adventuring through life. We love the outdoors, so anything that we can discover within our town, around the country or overseas… we are on it!

Next skill to master: Rope climbing and handstand pushups!
Favorite Kaia friendly food: Avocado & quinoa
Education: BA in Business, Saint Leo University
Certifications: Kaia Coach Certification, TRX Qualified, First Aid & CPR

Jennifer Lee

Kaia Coach: 1+ years

I became a Kaia girl in January, 2014. My family and I had recently moved from Dayton, OH to Katy, TX and I was searching for the right gym. That’s when I discovered Kaia FIT Katy. Kaia is not your typical gym and after just one workout; I was hooked! My love for Kaia quickly evolved and I became a Kaia FIT Coach in April, 2014 along with my TRX credentials in September, 2014.

Kaia is life-changing. Yes, we focus on personal goals and results which are achieved by working in a team atmosphere. But, at Kaia, you’re surrounded by women helping each other accomplish those goals all while creating beautiful, lasting friendships. And that is why I love Kaia. I truly love helping other women improve their lives through fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and becoming life-long friends!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family. While most of our ‘free time’ is spent watching my son play baseball or my daughter play volleyball; we do sneak in time for travel and R&R.

B.S. Organizational Leadership, Wright State University
Kaia FIT Certified Trainer
TRX Qualified

Guilty Pleasure:
Chips, Salsa & Guacamole (and Cervezas!)

Favorite Kaia Meal:

Next Skill to Master:
Unassisted Handstand Pushups!

Sally Barnes

I’ve been a Kaia Girl since January 2015 and have been a Kaia Koach since April 2015. I haven’t been in the program for very long, but I have loved every minute of it! After achieving my goal of running a half marathon in 2014 and taking a break from running, I didn’t have any motivation to get back to working out. I chose to join Kaia FIT because I was looking for a good group of people who would hold me accountable and keep me coming back for more- Kaia did just that!

My favorite experience as a Coach is seeing the ladies in my group improving their skills and having fun. A class where we all leave sweating and laughing is a class well-done.

Outside of Kaia, my world revolves around my family, spending time with my dog, and planning for my other passion- my job as a high school Spanish teacher.

I have three skills that I want to master in Kaia- I’d like to be able to do some arm balance poses in yoga, and I’d LOVE to be able to complete an unassisted handstand and pull up. Getting closer all the time!

My favorite Kaia-friendly food is green juice. I had never had it before, and now I’m obsessed. I could never live off of it, but I love drinking it throughout the day!

Education (school): Bachelor’s in Secondary Education- Spanish
Education (fitness): Kaia FIT, Yoga FIT, Pilates, Bosu, TRX

Certifications (corporate): Yoga FIT
Certifications (university): Pilates/Yoga (Mind & Body), Bosu, TRX Qualified