Kathie Robinson

Hello, my name is Kathie Robinson. My family and I just moved to Houston after my husband retired from the Navy, and we are extremely happy to now call Texas our home! We moved from the San Diego area where I was a Kaia Girl for a year and a half. Once I started, I knew right away that I could not live without Kaia in my daily routine! The workout was truly like no other. The transformations and friendships that our Kaia Girls created were amazing. Quite naturally, I found myself traveling to Carson City to become a certified instructor, with plans on starting Kaia FIT Katy in September 2013. I believe it is the perfect area for families, fitness and a multitude of outdoor activities.

As a child, I grew up athletically minded, and even played volleyball and tennis throughout college. My fitness tendencies slipped away, when, after six years of infertility my husband and I were truly blessed to FINALLY become parents of boy/girl twins! Our children were born 10 weeks early and were considered “micro-preemies”. While scary and wonderful at the same time, I found myself completely immersed in doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions for the first three years of their lives. Eventually, things just came to a head when I discovered that I was completely depleted from this non-stop lifestyle. I needed a change! Shortly afterwards, I discovered Kaia FIT and immediately made the commitment to start including myself in my own busy calendar, with the intent that my spirit would also benefit from a physical improvement. So I started working out at the 5:00AM class in Fallbrook, California and I was HOOKED! I quickly regained my strength and stamina, and incredibly, I was able to maintain my busy schedule with my children and husband, while keeping an energy reserve that I never would have thought possible! Our family life is much more playful and adventurous now. I feel young again and am enjoying the ability to keep up with the kids and all of the fun that comes with an active lifestyle. The beauty of Kaia FIT is that ANY TYPE of woman, no matter the age or physical ability, can improve themselves through a wonderful adoption of fitness, nutrition and the incredible support that comes from the camaraderie that develops from like-minded women with the common goal of making huge changes in their lives. The relationships that are formed through Kaia FIT are truly incredible and will last a lifetime. I would love for you to come join me and see for yourself what Kaia FIT is all about.